January Enrichment Session

Columbus Scholars inducted 10 new scholarship recipients into our program on January 17th, 2015 in the cafeteria at Richards Junior High School. Our school system Superintendent, Dr. David Lewis was out guest speaker.

Thoughts from a Scholar:
The Day I got my Scholarship!
The day I got my scholarship, I can say that I was the happiest person on Earth! I knew that being in the Columbus Scholars Program was a great opportunity, this program pays for college for you and that is cool! If you are willing to go to college and you are in the Columbus Scholars program, they will pay for college for you, and I love that!

In conclusion, the day that I was getting my scholarship, I looked around and saw everyone that was supporting me. I’m confident that I will keep my scholarship. I appreciate this opportunity!

That’s the day I got my scholarship!


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