June Enrichment Session

A visit to Pasaquan with Fred Fussell and Quesadillas at a local Mexican restaurant made for an enlightening June session. Pasaquan is on the National Historic Registry and is being restored with funds received from a grant by the Kohler Foundation.

Thoughts from a Scholar:
Eddie Martin was one who expressed through art. His beliefs of time travel, levitation, and a future of harmony made him seem eccentric to his peers.

I can relate to him deeply because I also like to think about a world where we don’t have to look a certain way to be respected or where our tastes in fashion, music, and overall ways of life did not divide us as they does today.

Today people would look at Eddie Martin’s work and call him crazy or even weird but I see him as a unique man who, because some people and societies could not see from his point of view or in his own shoes, would show his thoughts through shapes and colors.

Because one society is accustomed to a certain culture, they may not completely understand what they are not used to. If Eddie Martin was here today, don’t you think he would be a bit confused as to why we dress or talk or express ourselves the way we do as opposed to how he did?


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